“FireSafe Helena”

The deadline for submitting applications for a home ignition zone assessment has passed. If you would like to be added to a “waiting list”. Please email the program manager at apps@tcfswg.org  We are currently working with homeowners who participated in an assessment for phase 2 (mitigation implementation) of the grant program. 

TCFSWG has launched a new program, FireSafe Helena, covering the highest risk area of Helena for the purpose of planning and preparing, so urban wildfires can occur in Helena without catastrophic loss.  The  FEMA funded program is in partnership with Lewis & Clark County and the City of Helena Fire Department.

FireSafe Helena has grant funding and technical assistance available for private landowners to ASSESS and REDUCE their risks to wildfire.  Matching grant funds (up to $25,000) are available for qualified property owners who participate in a FREE home ignition zone safety visit (risk assessment).  Assessments focus on the home ignition zone; landscaping, home construction, slope, etc. If a risk reduction project is warranted, the assessment report will identify mitigation recommendations to reduce risks.

The FireSafe Helena grant has two phases.  Phase I requires conducting assessments and cost estimates this year (2020). Phase II, implementation of ignition resistant construction (ie. roof, siding or deck replacements) and removal of flammable materials will begin next year and must be completed by 2022.

Yours and your neighbor’s risks may be shared.  FireSafe Helena encourages neighboring properties to work together.  If you (and your neighbors) are interested in scheduling a safety visit and learning more about how you can benefit from the program, please complete the FireSafe Application. Once received, a TCFSWG representative will contact you to schedule an assessment.

FireSafe Helena Program Guidelines

FireSafe Helena Project Area Map

FireSafe Helena Home Ignition Zone Safety Visit Assessment Application