Is your property at risk?

Are you a landowner concerned about the health of your forested property?

Do you live in a fire prone area?

Do you have unhealthy or hazardous tree fuel build-up that needs to be thinned?

If so, then you may qualify for a Cost Share Hazardous Fuels Reduction grant.

The TCFSWG Hazardous Fuels Reduction program provides cost-share grants for the removal of hazardous fuels and vegetation to reduce the risks of wildfire of private property in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI).

Hazardous Fuels Treatment Grant funding may be available to assist private landowners and communities living in the Wildland-Urban Interface within Broadwater, Jefferson and Lewis & Clark Counties as follows:

• Assist private landowners and communities reduce hazardous fuels while improving forest health on private lands;

• Help landowners create and maintain defensible space around their homes from wildland fire; and

• Improve the health and vigor of private forest lands.

Applications from individual landowners, groups of homeowners,

and neighborhoods are solicited yearlong. Go here for an application and to learn more about the program.

TCFSWG Application Rev-5-20