Property Wildfire Risk Assessment

Is Your Property at Risk?

Determining your wildfire risk is the first step in living safer in a wildfire environment.

Many people in the tri-county area of Helena, Montana live in areas prone to wildfire. A wildfire risk assessment allows homeowners to evaluate their exposure to fire as well as the critical factors that increase their risk. Identifying and understanding the risks and what can be done to reduce them, is the first step in taking personal responsibility. The completion of a wildfire risk assessment is the first step in participating in a hazardous fuels reduction project. Financial cost-share assistance may be available. TCFSWG works with landowners to identify their risks through a FREE risk assessment.

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You can also contact the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) who may provide a site visit to assess your property and provide recommendations on how you can reduce your wildfire risk. The DNRC “Wildfire Risk Portal”  is an interactive tool for homeowner to learn more about their property wildfire risk and what steps they can take to reduce their wildfire risk.